About us

Our goal is to place tens of thousands of seminars and records in one place and be the leading provider of online education in the world.


Within three years, we would like to enter the stock exchange to be a stable and trustworthy partner for both our customers, business partners and investors.

Zaměřujeme se na výrobu a prodej


a) online courses

b) online teaching for primary schools

c) online teaching for secondary schools

d) online teaching for universities

e) training courses for companies

f) instructional videos

g) records of lectures

h) records of theatrical performances

ch) concert recordings i) videos to promote tourism / e.g. hotels, travel agencies ... / and other interesting videos in different languages.


We sell these records using license cards in more than 200 countries with more than 700 partners.

Are you an author / lecturer, teacher, singer, educational agency, athlete or are you interested in online education / and do you have an interesting online course?

Do you own a recording of a concert or theater performance?

Do you have online training for schools or companies?

Do you have other interesting content that you want to publish and offer to a large number of customers around the world? Contact us