Tewyx - recruitment of new colleagues

Our company operates a worldwide education and entertainment portal and we are looking for new colleagues in our team for different positions for different countries and in different languages.
The work can be done from our offices, which you will find in more than 100 countries, but also in the form of or HOME OFFICE.


a) PROGRAMMER - responsibility for IT in the company and the operation of the portal


b) GRAPHICS - responsibility for the preparation of individual graphic materials


c) CONTENT ADMINISTRATOR - responsibility for the preparation of individual courses


d) ESHOP ADMINISTRATOR - responsibility for placing items on our website, but also with contractual partners /e.g. Heureka, Ebay, Amazon ... /


e)WEBINAR ADMINISTRATOR - organizes individual webinars for interested parties and business partners


f) AFFILIATE PARTNER - promotes our courses through emails, articles or banners


g) SALES- communicates with potential applicants for the placement of a course or record on our portal


h) TRANSLATOR, INTERPRETER - interprets webinars, provides translations of texts


ch)PARTNER FOR INVESTORS - communicates with those interested in investing / in our company /



If you are (interested) in working with our company, we are sending you the procedure for participating in the tender


1. Please read the book about our company (available in printed version, for purchase) or we will send it to you in pdf format (free of charge)

2. If you are interested in the values ​​and focus of our company / described in the book /, send us your CV by email to job@tewyx.com

Please do not send an email until you have read the book.

Attach your CV and the position you want to work on in the email and at the same time answer 3 questions / from the book /

a) Who is the real father of Tewyxik

b) What are the names of the 3 homeless people who started working for Albert

c) How many license cards were sold in 2020

3. Register for the next introductory "online" training, which lasts about 1.5 hours and you will learn the answers to all the questions you need to know about the job position and what we expect from you, including the reward.


Introductory training takes place in the GOOGLE HANGOUT application / OR SKYPE /
4. If cooperation is agreed, we will meet in person at one of our offices for a full-day training.

Registration is here  https://tewyx.corsizio.com/, choose the date and language that suits you.